About Us - Hasorno.com

Here at Hasorno.com we work with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and human contributions, to bring you direct and simplified answers to the questions you seek instant answers to.

What started as a private project to learn about web development and machine learning, soon became an obsession. To build the ultimate answer engine with a human and AI tag team.

If you notice anything that doesn't seem correct, please let us know via our contact form so we can learn from it and make continuous improvements and tweaks to our algorithm.

Our task is to sift through all the information on the internet, and distill all the long and heavy texts into one or two sentence answers that save you time. If you need more details, we provide links to websites where you can read more.

Please do let us know of any mistakes or inconsistencies you might find. Working together as a community, you can help us perfect the system and help everyone get to the answers they need with less friction.