Are all NP231 transfer cases the same?

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Despite the different nomenclature, they are essentially the same transfer case, with the bulk of their parts interchanging. Chain driven transfer cases were first used in the 1970's with partial success - Jeep's Borg Warner QuadraTrac being a notable instance.

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One may also ask, what vehicles use a np231 transfer case?

Since 1988, the NP231 has been the "Command Trac" transfer case used in the XJ Cherokee, MJ Comanche, and YJ Wrangler. It has been the "Command Trac" transfer case in the ZJ Grand Cherokee since its introduction.

Another question is, what jeep has the np231 transfer case? The NP231 transfer case is a rugged, reliable, and durable unit that has been used in a variety of vehicles since 1988. Most commonly found in Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, and XJ Cherokees, the NP231 is fitted with a slip-yoke style rear output from the factory.

Similarly, it is asked, how can you tell the difference between np231 and np242? There are quite a few differences between the NP231 and the NP242 cases as they are completely different models. The first number is the number of ratios or ranges. Both are a 2 indicating a low range and high range. The second number is the torque rating scale.

How strong is the NP231 transfer case?

According to New Venture Gear, the torque rating of the 231's three-pinion gearset is 600 lb-ft, and the 241's six-pinion set can handle up to 1,400 lb-ft.

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What transfer case does my TJ have?

Since 1988, the NP231 has been the Command Trac transfer case used in Cherokees (XJ), Comanches (MJ), and Wranglers (YJ). It has been the Command Trac transfer case in the Grand Cherokee (ZJ) since it... The new Wrangler (TJ) continues to use the NP231.

What transfer case is in a 2001 Dodge 2500?

NP241 Transfer Case for Dodge 98-01 Ram 2500/3500 w/5 Speed|6 Speed Transmissions Zumbrota Drivetrain.

Which Jeep transfer case is best?

  • NP205.
  • NP241OR.
  • Advanced Adapters Atlas II.
  • JB Conversions Lo-Max 205.
  • Dana 300.
  • Stak 4x4 Monster Box.
  • Hi Impact.
  • NP242.
  • What transfer case is in a 96 Jeep Cherokee?

    A: Phillip, the Quadratrac four-wheel-drive system in your '96 Cherokee uses an NP249 transfer case. Common failures in this transfer case occur within the viscous coupler, which the case requires to transfer power while in 4-Lo.

    How many spline is a NP231?

    The 231 comes in 21 spline and 23 spline versions with long, medium (rare) and short variations. The long shafts protrude 2.1" from the front mounting face of the transfer case.

    Is 231 transfer case Good?

    The design of the 231 is very good. They were engineered for durability and simplicity of build - both an advantage to the OEM assemblers as well as individuals servicing them. The NP231 transfer case has turned out to surprise us in its strength, gearing, upgradeability and servicability.

    What transfer case is in a 2000 Jeep Wrangler?

    Found under Jeep Wranglers, Cherokees, Chevy S-10 Blazers and pickups, the NP231 transfer case is one of the most common and easy-to-source transfer cases. From the factory, the NP231 transfer case is fitted with a 2.72:1 low range gearset.

    Which jeeps have 2 speed transfer cases?

    Two different transfer cases were used, the NV247 in 1999-2004 WJs and the NV245 in 2005-2010 WKs and 2006-2009 XKs. For the 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees using the NV247 transfer case, in "4-All Time" mode torque is applied to only the rear wheels under normal driving conditions.

    How strong is a Dana 300 transfer case?

    Broken cases or other components are only very rarely seen. The 300 uses all helically cut gears. It uses a large 1.25" intermediate shaft. The Dana 300 is strong enough from the factory to handle even the most potent engines and situations.

    How do I identify my Jeep transfer case?

    The easiest way to identify the transfer case input is by identifying the stock transmission that Jeep used. The 21 and 23 splined output shafts vary on different transmission models. The AX15 transmission is always 23 spline shaft and extends 1/2" beyond the face of the transmission.

    What transfer case is in a 1997 Jeep TJ?

    You are correct, it was the NP231J.

    What transfer case is in a 1999 Jeep Wrangler?

    Transfer case was taken out of a 1999 Jeep Wrangler with a 4.0 6cyl.

    What transfer case is in a 2005 TJ?

    2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ 231 J Transfer Case 272 Ratio Transfercase 4.0l.

    What transfer case is in a 2003 Dodge 2500 Diesel?

    Dodge 2500 Diesel Truck Transfer Case NP273D Automatic Shift 2003-2012.

    What would cause a transfer case to explode?

    What are the transfer case options for Ram Heavy Duty trucks?

    The transfer case has three operating ranges, 2Hi (2WD), 4Hi (4WD) and 4Lo (low-range reduction 4WD) plus a neutral position. 2Hi is designed for any road surface at any time, while 4Hi and 4Lo are for slick surfaces and off- road use. The driver can switch between 2Hi and 4Hi while the truck is in motion.