Can you use ez pass in florida?

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E-ZPass is a multi-state electronic toll pass that works in states from North Carolina to Maine and west to Illinois, and now in the entire state of Florida. If your transponder is part of the E-ZPass Group (I-PASS, RiverLink Portable, NC Quick Pass Portable), your toll pass is accepted on CFX roadways.

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Considering that, can i use e-zpass for sunpass?

The SunPass is used primarily on state and local toll roads in Florida. SunPass unveiled the Sunpass Pro in 2021, which is compatible with all E-ZPass roads.

Additionally, you might ask, does e-zpass work in florida 2021? It's been a long time coming, and experienced delay after delay, but effective May 28, 2021, E-ZPass can finally be used throughout the state of Florida.

Keeping this in view, can ny e-zpass be used in florida? Did you know that you can now use your E-ZPass on all Florida toll roads and most bridges? Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) now accepts E-ZPass, bringing interoperability to millions of toll highway customers along the East Coast of the United States and as far west to Minnesota.

Is Florida SunPass the same as E-ZPass?

For the most part, E-PASS and SunPass are interchangeable, functioning equally and registering identical rates on any toll road in the state. Signs on state roads are lying when they say “SunPass Only.” E-PASS, Lee County's transponder and transponders from other states are valid as well.

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Are FasTrak and E-ZPass compatible?

Currently, FasTrak transponders are not compatible with E-ZPass and other ETC systems used in other states because they use a different specification than Title 21.

Where can I buy an E-ZPass in Florida?

  • Online –
  • Over the phone – (407) 823-7277 or (800) 353-7277. Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM, Saturday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.
  • In person – E-PASS Service Center. 525 South Magnolia Ave Orlando, FL 32801. Hours: Monday through Friday 8 AM – 6 PM, Saturday 9 AM – 1 PM. ...
  • Drive-Up Reload Lanes.
  • Are tolls still suspended in Florida 2021?

    A sign at the entrance to Florida's Turnpike on Martin Downs Boulevard in Palm City, Fla., alerts drivers that cashless tolling will begin Nov. 8, 2021. PALM CITY, Fla. — In a few days, technology will be replacing the toll booths along the turnpike to be cashless.

    Does I pass work in Florida?

    Currently, the Central Florida Expressway (CFX) is the only toll operator in Florida that accepts I-PASS and E-ZPass. I-PASS users that travel out of network and are unable to pay with cash may receive toll-by-plate invoices from other Florida tolling agencies.

    What states is NY E-ZPass accepted?

  • New York City Area.
  • North Carolina.
  • Ohio.
  • Pennsylvania.
  • Rhode Island.
  • Virginia.
  • West Virginia.
  • Are tolls free in Florida right now?

    Important note: Getting and using the Florida toll pass for visitors is free, yes. However, that does not mean the toll booths are free. You won't pay any fees to use the tag or to acquire the tag itself, but you will still have to pay the toll booth fees as you would normally.

    Does E-ZPass work on Sanibel Causeway?

    E-ZPass. The E-ZPass can be used for the Sanibel Causeway toll. Once you have established an E-ZPass prepaid account, you will receive a small electronic transponder that attaches to the inside of the windshield of your vehicle.

    Which is better SunPass or E-ZPass?

    E-PASS offers discounts for high-frequency drivers; SunPass does not. E-PASS drivers can replenish their accounts at drive-up service centers; SunPass users can drop in at thousands of grocery stores and other retail places. E-PASS and SunPass both work in Georgia and North Carolina.

    Does Palmetto Pass accept E-ZPass?

    Palmetto Pass

    While North Carolina is on the E-ZPass system, that's as far as it goes. As it turns out, though, there aren't really any toll roads in South Carolina. The state is home to just two pay-to-drive roads – the Southern Connector in Greenville and the Cross Island Parkway on Hilton Head Island.

    Is FasTrak and toll roads the same?

    All Toll Roads accounts are now called FasTrak accounts and issued sticker transponders.

    Can I drive on the Florida turnpike without a SunPass?

    Is a transponder required to drive on Florida's toll roads? Transponders are not required to travel on Florida's toll roads, however, by becoming a SunPass customer you will pay the lowest toll rate available, saving an average of 25% on your tolls.

    Is Florida turnpike a toll road?

    Paying For Tolls. Florida's Turnpike System roads are constructed, operated and maintained through toll revenues collected from our customers. Every vehicle pays a toll that is generally based on the distance of the trip and the number of axles on the vehicle.

    Is i4 in Florida a toll road?

    Traveling the entire length of I-4 Express will cost $3.50 for eastbound and $3.00 for westbound during the introductory period. Tolls are collected electronically, and motorists need a properly mounted SunPass or another Florida-accepted transponder. There is no cash or TOLL-BY-PLATE option.

    Does E-ZPass work in Tampa Florida?

    TAMPA, Fla. — Road trips are about to get a bit easier, thanks to a recent announcement by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise. Florida toll booths will now begin accepting E-ZPass, through its SunPass Pro transponder, in addition to Florida's well known SunPass.

    Can you use NY E-ZPass in other states?

    E-ZPass (or widely termed as ez pass) has a wide acceptance across 17 states in the United States. If you already have an E-ZPass from any of these states, you are good to go.

    Can I use PA E-ZPass in other states?

    You can use the E-ZPass you purchase in Pennsylvania to pay tolls for highways, bridges and tunnels in 13 states in addition to Pennsylvania. Those states are Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia.