What are Wyze AI Events?

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Notifications: Currently, the Wyze app provides the ability for users to independently select which Event types will generate a notification. These types are Wyze AI Events, All Other Motion Events and/or Sound Events. Selecting Wyze AI Events is an all AI types-or-none, i.e., on/off.

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You may also ask, what is cam plus ai detection?

Cam Plus is a service with unlimited recording and the full AI package on your Cam Plus-enabled cameras. The full AI package includes Person Detection, Pet Detection, Vehicle Detection, and Package Detection.

Adding to that, where are wyze cam events stored?

  • Event videos are store in the AWS cloud via end-to-end encryption.
  • Event videos can be viewed in the Wyze app. ...
  • Event videos have a 5 minute cooldown period.
  • Similarly, it is asked, how long are wyze events stored? Your Wyze camera can record for up to 14 days using the cloud recording. At first the Wyze Cam records videos on the cloud every time there's an event such as motion or sound detection.

    Does Wyze record all the time?

    Using a microSD card with your Wyze Cam gives you the ability to record continuous footage and recorded events directly to your local microSD card. You'll also be able to record Time Lapse videos.

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    What is Wyze person detection?

    Cam Plus Lite gives you Wyze Person Detection and 12-second Event videos as often as every 5 minutes, saved in the cloud for 14 days. It will allow you to receive and filter motion Event videos with people in them to make sure the notifications you get are meaningful.

    What is Cam Plus on Wyze cameras?

    Cam Plus is an upgrade for Wyze Cam devices that adds Person Detection to your Complete Motion Capture videos. With this service, you'll be able to record full-length videos, receive real-time alerts when people are detected, and filter all of your video clips with people in them.

    How do you delete events on Wyze camera?

  • Tap the Event tab at the bottom.
  • Tap the three-dot (…) button at the top right of the Events page.
  • Choose “Delete Events”
  • Tap the radio button to the left of each event you wish to delete (or tap “select all” bottom left)
  • Tap the Delete button, bottom right.
  • How do I know if my Wyze camera is recording?

    Why did my Wyze Cam stop recording?

    Make sure event recording is enabled in the Wyze app. Tap on your camera, then the Settings gear on the top right. Tap Event Recording, then make sure the Detects Motion toggle is ON.

    Can Wyze record longer than 12 seconds?

    Wyze Cam Pan v2

    Cam Plus Lite cloud-based event recordings will be capped at 12 seconds in length with a five-minute cooldown and a 14-day rolling video history.

    How do I get my Wyze camera to record?

    Tap on your camera in the Wyze app. Tap on the Settings gear on the top right, then Event Recording. Tap the toggle next to Detects motion so that it's set to on.

    How do you look back on Wyze camera?

  • Open the Wyze App and tap the camera.
  • Click the "View Playback" button.
  • Move the timeline to the time you want.
  • Click the "Play" button.
  • How long will a 32GB microSD card record?

    For [email protected],a 32GB micro SD card can record about 40 hours non-stop. For [email protected],a 32GB micro SD card can record about 3 days non-stop. Storing with micro SD card uses loop recording. When the card is full, it will automatically delete the first hour of the video.

    What is Wyze cool down period?

    There is a 5-minute “cooldown” period between the same type of event videos generated and stored on the cloud. This means that when there is continuous motion, the camera will only capture one 12-second event video every five minutes.

    How do I stop sharing my Wyze camera?

    At any point, you can stop sharing a camera. To do this, tap the device in question in the Sharing menu in the Account tab. You will see a list of the users you have shared the camera with. Tap Cancel to remove a shared user from the camera.

    What if my Wyze Cam is stolen?

    While other WYZE cameras can be factory reset, the outdoor camera cannot be at this time. This inability to hard reset is due to security issues. If your camera is stolen for any reason, you need to be aware that it cannot be reset or disconnected from your account or a base station that you own.

    Is there a monthly fee for Wyze camera?

    Plan ComponentsBasic ServiceCam Plus
    Monthly costFree$1.99 per month per camera (billed annually)

    Do you have to pay to use Wyze camera?

    Each Wyze camera comes with free, 14-day cloud recording and limited motion detection features. This way, checking your cameras' video history is a tap away, and you can monitor your home, record motion-triggered clips, and get tailored motion alerts with no monthly fees.

    Who is Wyze owned by?

    FoundedJuly 19, 2017
    Founder(s)Yun Zhang Dongsheng Song Dave Crosby Elana Fishman
    CEOYun Zhang
    ProductsCameras Smart home

    What is the difference between Wyze Cam v1 and v2?

    It is the newest updated version. The Wyze Cam v2 offers the following updates from the v1 model: Motion Tagging technology detects and highlights motion in video captured by the Wyze Cam v2. Improved image quality: The powerful new CMOS sensor in the Wyze Cam v2 provides clearer images for both day and night vision.