What is UUCT fee EZ Pass?

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Unused trips are charged to your account at the end of the plan period and are not refundable. If your monthly statement shows Unused Commuter Trips (UUCT) charges, then a Discount Plan may not be right for you.

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People also wonder, is there a monthly fee for ny e-zpass?

New York's E-ZPass system also charges a $1 monthly service fee for tags issued by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) and $6 per year for monthly statements. Tags issued by the New York State Thruway Authority or MTA Bridges and Tunnels are free by state law.

With respect to that, how do i change replenishment amount on e-zpass ny? How can I change my replenishment method? Login to your account and go to Update Personal Information, Add/Update Credit Card Info and complete Option 1 to immediately convert your replenishment method to credit card.

Additionally, you might ask, how do i turn off auto replenish on e-zpass nj? You may choose to opt out of E-ZPass Plus by calling the New Jersey E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 1-888-AUTO-TOLL (1-888-288-6865) or by logging into your Account on our website at www.ezpassnj.com.

How do I return my E-ZPass MD?

Transponders should be returned to an E-ZPass Maryland Customer Service Center for proper disposal since it contains a Lithium battery. Click here to find the E-ZPass MD Customer Service Centers at Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Location nearest you!

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How much does an E-ZPass cost in NY?

It's E-Z! Customers can stop at a participating retailer in NY State, excluding New York City and Long Island, and purchase a tag for $25. In NYC or Long Island, customers can stop at a participating retailer and purchase a tag for $30. Visit the E-ZPass ® web site Register your Tag* online or call 1-800-697-1554.

Which state has the best E-ZPass program?

If you're only looking for a single transponder, Delaware and New Hampshire are still your best options, if you plan to stay in the area for more than three years. Military families may consider purchasing a tag from West Virginia, which includes a $5 annual fee, but account minimums are low.

What is a replenishment amount?

Replenishment Amount

When your account balance reaches the low balance level, your account needs to be replenished. Your replenishment amount is your average monthly toll usage.

Can I use my EZ Pass in someone else's car ny?

Yes. If you do not own a vehicle, you can still enroll in E-ZPass ®. Your tag can be used in any vehicle with two axles, a maximum gross weight of 7,000 pounds and single rear tires (includes RV's with dual rear tires).

How do I know if I have unpaid tolls in NY?

How can I check the status of a violation? Go to www.E-ZPassNY.com and click on Violations and follow the instructions. You will need your violation number and license plate number.

Can I use my E-ZPass in someone else's car NJ?

Yes, you may use your tag in any other vehicle as long as it is of the same vehicle classification. Please add the vehicle to your account to ensure that the tag is properly read in the lane.

Can I use my E-ZPass in a rental car NJ?

The process is easier for drivers who have New Jersey and New York E-ZPass accounts. A rental vehicle does not have to be added to a driver's account, according to New York and New Jersey's E-ZPass service centers. The only condition is the rental vehicle has to be the same type of vehicle listed as the E-Z Pass car.

Can E-ZPass suspend your license in NJ?

Rare Circumstances with Bankruptcy & NJ EZ Pass

The state may also suspend the debtor's license and/or suspend or restrict the registration of a vehicle.

Can I use my Maryland E-ZPass in a rental car?

E-ZPass is accepted in all open toll lanes. E-ZPass customers using a rental vehicle can add the vehicle temporarily to their E-ZPass account. Rental car drivers without an E-ZPass should contact the rental car company prior to traveling a route that includes a toll facility.

Can I use my MD E-ZPass in another car?

Yes, a single transponder with a Discount Plan may be used in more than one vehicle. However, E-ZPass Discount Plans for two-axle vehicles are linked to a specific transponder assigned to your Account.

How much is an E-ZPass in Maryland?

Transponders are free, there's no monthly fee for Maryland addresses, and sign-up is available 24/7 at ezpassmd.com.

Is there a monthly fee for E-ZPass PA?

Auto-Replenishment from a Payment Card

Each time your E‑ZPass account balance is $10 per transponder or less, we'll automatically charge your card for a minimum of $35 per transponder. If you are a frequent traveler and need to replenish your account more than twice a month, we'll increase this amount accordingly.

Can I buy an E-ZPass at Walmart in NY?

The state is making E-ZPass easier to sign on to by partnering with a major retailer. Drivers interested in buying the transponders for use on toll roads can now pick one up at Walmart. Sixty-three Walmarts in the state will now offer E-ZPass GoPaks at their customer service counters for $41.

How much is toll from NJ to NY with E-ZPass?

Most of the MTA's bridges and tunnels, including the Robert F. Kennedy, Throgs Neck and Bronx-Whitestone bridges, as well as the Hugh Carey and Queens Midtown tunnels, cost $6.12 to use for drivers with a New York-issued E-ZPass tag. For drivers from New Jersey and elsewhere and those paying by mail, the toll is $9.50.

Is E-ZPass good throughout the United States?

E-ZPass States

States connected to the E-ZPass system include Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia.

Which toll pass covers the most states?

Uni is a portable toll pass that allows drivers to automatically pay tolls on all toll roads in 19 states, including Florida express lanes.