Where are all Overwatch characters from?

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*For heroes such as Winston, Wrecking Ball, and the Omnics, they have been assigned to the country they are most associated with, so Winston is Britain, Wrecking Ball is Australia, Bastion is Sweden, Orisa is Nigeria, and Zenyatta is Nepal.

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With that being said, what country is every overwatch character from?

*For heroes such as Winston, Wrecking Ball, and the Omnics, they have been assigned to the country they are most associated with, so Winston is Britain, Wrecking Ball is Australia, Bastion is Sweden, Orisa is Nigeria, and Zenyatta is Nepal.

That may lead you to ask, what ethnicity is all the overwatch characters?

  • Ana- Egyptian- Arabic.
  • Ashe- White American- English.
  • Bastion- Omnic (Origin Unknown)- Omnic.
  • Brigitte- Swedish- Swedish.
  • DVa- South Korean- Korean.
  • Doomfist- African Numbanian- English (from what we know)
  • Genji- Japanese- Japanese.
  • Hanzo- Japanese- Japanese.
  • Keeping this in view, what country is sigma from overwatch? Sigma. Sigma, real name Siebren de Kuiper, is a Dutch astrophysicist associated with Talon.

    What is Junkrat's ethnicity?

    OccupationAnarchist, Thief, Demolitionist, Mercenary, Scavenger
    BaseJunkertown, Australia (formerly)
    AffiliationJunkers (formerly)

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    What country is Moira from?

    Voiced byGenevieve O'Reilly
    In-universe information

    What race is Baptiste?

    OccupationCombat medic
    BaseTortuga, Haiti (formerly)
    AffiliationCaribbean Coalition (formerly), Talon (formerly) Overwatch

    Are Roadhogs Australian?

    Roadhog's nationality is Australian. New Zealand Heritage? From doing some research he seems to be inspired by Maui, the Demigod from Maori Mythology, having skins to back that theory. He also has a skin named "Kiwi" and a Victory pose where he's holding a Tea Cup with Maori Designs.

    What race is McCree?

    McCree is a Scottish surname.

    What race is Widowmaker?

    OccupationBallet dancer (formerly) Assassin
    BaseAnnecy, France

    Where is Ashe from Overwatch from?

    OccupationThief, gang leader
    BaseLead Rose Manor, Texas, United States (formerly) Deadlock Gorge, Arizona, United States

    What is Sigma's race?

    BaseThe Hague, Netherlands (formerly)

    Where is Reaper from Overwatch?

    BaseLos Angeles, California, United States (birth place) Unknown
    AffiliationUnited States military (formerly) Overwatch (formerly) Blackwatch (formerly) Talon
    RelationsMartina Reyes (wife) Unnamed son

    What race is Lucio?

    OccupationDJ Freedom fighter
    BaseRio de Janeiro, Brazil

    What race is Reinhardt?

    Reinhardt, a highly decorated German soldier, was inducted as part of the original Overwatch strike team that put an end to the Omnic Crisis. After the conflict's resolution, Overwatch grew into a global institution, keeping the peace in a war-torn world.

    What race is symmetra?

    Symmetra, real name Satya Vaswani (Hindi: सत्य वास्वानी, romanized: Satya Vāsvānī) is a fictional, playable character of Indian origin in Overwatch, a character-driven shooter video game in which players compose teams based on the complementary skills of characters to win the game's objective.

    Who is Irish in Overwatch?

    A new character announced yesterday by games company Blizzard for its popular team-based shooter Overwatch is Irish, it has emerged. Genetic scientist Moira O'Deorain was voiced by Genevieve O'Reilly, who played Mon Mothma in Star Wars, and was based in Dublin at one point, according to her official character profile.

    What ethnicity is mercy?

    OccupationField medic First responder
    BaseZürich, Switzerland (formerly) Cairo, Egypt (formerly) Watchpoint: Gibraltar

    Is there a Scottish character in Overwatch?

    Trivia. McCloud's name and attire suggest that he's of Scottish nationality. Likewise, his ability "Only One" may be in reference to the Highlander series, which, in addition to its Scottish iconography, features the recurring "there can be only one" phrase/concept.

    What is wrong with Baptiste's arm and leg?

    The copper repeatedly slammed the car door against Baptiste's leg and left him in need of surgery so it didn't need to be amputated. This is why the detective has been walking with a limp in both The Missing and Baptiste ever since.

    Is Baptiste a Haitian?

    Overwatch has not had a new support hero added to the game since Brigitte about a year ago, and from her arrival, it's clear just how much a quality champion in that class can change the metagame. Now, Overwatch has just revealed its 30th hero named Baptiste (the “p” is silent), a combat medic who hails from Haiti.