Where are all the Apex Legends from?

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Apex takes place in the Outlands, a small cluster of planets at the far end of the Frontier. This corner of the galaxy has its own history, which took a violent turn after the Frontier War. The IMC provided the Outlands with security and stability since the 2600s, which fostered relationships between the planets.

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With that in consideration, where are the legends in apex from?

The tracker Legend grew up in a location only referred to as "Bloodhound's village", where their small community of hunters resided. Talos is also home to World's Edge (an Apex Games battleground), and Phase Runner, an Arenas map.

With that in mind, where is loba from apex from? She was introduced in the 5th season of battle pass. Loba is both Portuguese and Spanish for she wolf. She is of Brazilian descent as hinted by banner frames, music theme influence, and conceptualization.

Another question to consider, what country is caustic from?

Date of BirthFebruary 25, 2685

Is Gibraltar Hawaiian apex?

Gibraltar's ancestors are Samoan, Tongan, Hawaiian, Indonesian, and even a little Peruvian through one great great great great great grandpa.

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Is Octane a Mexican?

Octane is Mexican, we all agree on that. So why does he speaks in a Madrilenian accent in the Spanish dub? (an accent from Madrid, Spain). Him speaking in that accent takes a lot from his personality.

Is Bloodhound a girl?

According to Apex Legends' devs, Bloodhound is an LGBTQ character and does not have a specific gender. It's non-binary which means it's neither male nor female. The devs confirmed this information on Twitter.

Where is lifeline from?

Legend TypeSupport
Tactical AbilityD.O.C. Heal Drone

What nationality is Rampart?

Ramya 'Rampart' Parekh is described as a 21-year-old British Indian business owner, which is great. There are few representations of Indians in gaming and even fewer of those are women, so attempts at increasing how inclusive games are with characters such as this are always good to see.

Is Pathfinder a boy or girl?

Real NameMRVN
Date of BirthFeb 04, 2658

Is wattson German?

The 10th Apex Legend is set to be Wattson - a lady with a French accent, good grades and a serious obsession with electric fences.

How old is Loba?

Legend TypeSupport

Is Octane a boy or girl?


What nationality is Bangalore apex?

She was partly inspired by and ended up serving as an homage to predominantly African-American regiments, like the Harlem Hellfighters.

Is Mirage from Apex white?

Mirage's abilities are derived from Titanfall 2's Holo Pilot and Cloak abilities. This was especially apparent at launch when cloaking rendered Mirage as a faint white silhouette rather than making him completely invisible.

Where is Mad Maggie from?

Mad Maggie
Legend TypeOffensive
Tactical AbilityRiot Drill

Is Octane a drug addict?

Octane is a drug addict

Octane is definitely a drug addict. Just look at his Tactical Ability — his Stim, which requires him to inject himself with some kind of unknown concoction every once in a while in order to keep up his high speeds.

Is octane Puerto Rican?

Octane, whose real name is Octavio Silva, hails from the world of Psamathe. Although Respawn hasn't confirmed the character's ethnicity, the surname “Silva” is generally of Brazilian or Portuguese descent.

What is Cryptos real name?

Crypto specializes in secrets. A brilliant hacker and encryption expert, he uses aerial drones to spy on his opponents in the Apex Arena without being seen. He also has a secret of his own: his name is Tae Joon Park, and he joined the Apex Games to find the people who framed him for murder.

Why does Bloodhound wear a gas mask?

Bloodhound wears his mask out of shame and wants to keep his identity a secret. Similar to why the Mandalorian wears a mask, Bloodhound wants to keep his identity a secret and avenge his family all by himself.

Is Bloodhound Russian?

While it hasn't been officially confirmed, Bloodhound's native language appears to be Icelandic. On the character screen, they often introduce themself as “Blóðhundur”, or Bloodhound in Icelandic.